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Tonight's TVtips: Springwatch in Japan, Versailles and Hospital People

Springwatch In Japan: Cherry Blossom Time (BBC2, 8.30pm) It’s tough getting through the £3.9billion licence fee windfall. How to spend it, that is the question.

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Britain’s Got Talent: Going to the dogs. Here come the warm jets

Question: When the best scene by far in an 85 minute TV show features a couple of urinating dogs, is it a good or a bad thing? Answer: Neither. It’s Britain’s Got Talent.

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Good Friday's TV tips: Corrie, EastEnders and Decline and Fall

Coronation Street (7.30 & 8.30pm) After psycho hairdresser David Platt inherited £20,000 from his late client Mrs Moss, his sister Sarah’s boyfriend Gary Windass flies into a jealous rage.

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What to watch tonight: The World According To Kids, The Nightly Show, The Super Orgasm

The World According To Kids (BBC2, 8pm) A bunch of British kids reveal what they really think about the world and all of its wonders. Tonight, our junior heroes discuss love and hate.

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Tonight's TV tips: Reported Missing and MasterChef

MasterChef (BBC1, 8pm) As we embark upon week two of series 597, can you spot the difference from every other series? And don’t mention the insignificant Market Challenge innovation, which doesn’t change a thing.

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Tonight's TV tips: Peter Kay's Car Share and Our Friend Victoria

Peter Kay’s Car Share (BBC1, 9pm) Return of the Bafta winning comedy chronicling supermarket colleagues John and Kayleigh’s daily drive to work. Only this time, Kayleigh has moved home so she no longer needs a lift.

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