The Wright Stuff's TV review slot is full of laughs

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The Wright Stuff's TV review slot is full of laughs

January 06, 2017 - 15:20
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Kevin O'Sullivan

By Philip Star

Daytime TV can be awful most of the time, There is so much rubbish such as Jeremy Kyle which makes me want to be sick and Homes Under The Hammer which is the same thing every day. Those programmes make me so mad and I do not watch them. The one bright spot in daytime TV is once a week at 11am on Channel 5. It is the TV review slot by Kevin O'Sullivan. He was talking about Celebrity Big Brother, Let It Shine, The Voice and another Channel 5 show I can't remember the name of. Kevin made a great point about the interesting drama this Saturday night on BBC One.

It shows to me that the BBC were right to pull the National Lottery off Saturday night. I really do not know who even watches the lottery draws nowadays times have changed. The National Lottery has a app plus there is still results after the news which I think is better myself. As you only need a min to announce the numbers really plus the sales have gone down quite a bit since the 1990s. It used to be big thing when we were younger now hardly anyone plays it.

About his Celebrity Big Brother comment, I have not even watched the show this year but I respect his views on it. Like I would for other fans. A idea of mine for the fans of that show is that Channel 5 could update there Big Brother social media accounts and website more often, There should be at least two videos per hour on the Big Brother site. Also I think there Twitter should be updated every few mins with pictures and few second videos. Tell your audience what is happening Channel 5 you have a great format in Big Brother. Don't undervalue it.

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The seemless link between The Wright Stuff review, and The National lottery was inspired.