What to watch and review this weekend

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What to watch and review this weekend

May 21, 2016 - 09:18
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What's on the box May 21 and 22.

Britain's Got Talent


Britain’s Got Talent (ITV, 8pm) Last of the endless auditions as Simon Cowell’s end of the pier capers prepare for a week of live semi-finals. It’s the series no one’s talking about… but everyone’s watching. Why does this ancient show still pack ‘em in? Do you still love it? Or have you had enough?

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Michael McIntyre’s Big Show (BBC1, 8pm) The penultimate episode of a prank-filled series in which the comic entertains the audience at London’s Theatre Royal. Star guest is singer Kathryn Jenkins while former footballer Robbie Savage gets the Celebrity Send To All mobile phone treatment. Do Mac’s West End frolics hit the spot for you?

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Bang On The Money (ITV, 7pm) Another helping of game show that time forgot. Could the last viewer please turn out the lights? How bad is this? Or does it float your boat? If so, why?

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Britain’s Got Talent (ITV, 7.30 and 9.30pm) Here they are. The first of the live semi-finals in which all the rubbish acts that got four big fat yeses get the big fat heave-ho. We’ve got five nights in a row of this. And then the grand finale. Can you stand the excitement?

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Wallander (BBC1, 9pm) Sir Kenneth Branagh returns as Swedish detective Kurt Wallander. In the first film-length episode of the final series, a random trip to South Africa plunges our hero into another murder mystery. Kinda slow. Does it work for you?

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mansellmum's picture

Always find this episode completely unnecessary, they quickly squashed the last remaining auditions in and then we have to watch them standing there apparently arguing (or even caring) over who they are putting through. Then we have the joy of watching some poor people as their dream crumbles in front of our eyes. Must be awful when you are gathered to face the judges and you look around you and remember the acts around you were crap, you are so going home! Let's see what the long week ahead brings, very cleverly arranged as usual so we can watch Corrie and ITV will keep hold of their viewers long enough to see the results.