What to watch and review on Friday

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What to watch and review on Friday

June 10, 2016 - 11:32
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What to watch and review on Friday, June 11.

Glenn Hoddle


Euro 2016 (ITV, 7.15pm) The football is upon us. The first match of a solid month of soccer. France v Romania. Commentary by crazy Clive Tyldesley and gormless Glen Hoddle. Analysis by prattling pundits Lee Dixon, Emmanuel Petit and some other men I'm too bored to mention. What do you reckon on the TV coverage?

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Big Brother (Channel 5, 9pm) Eviction night. I can’t quite work out whether any of the losers are actually leaving or just switching to the secret alternative house. Either way, this is a new kind of BB. A strange mix of Minor Celebrity Big Brother and Ex Not On The Beach, it’s full of vaguely recognisable Z-listers and their former lovers. Is this a good thing? Or has reality TV’s most venerable show lost the plot?

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EastEnders (BBC1, 8pm) As Jane packs her bags to leave, the dysfunctional Beale family’s problems escalate. Meanwhile, Donna’s weird bid to have her brother’s baby continues apace.

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Love, Nina (BBC1, 9.30pm) Penultimate episode of the excellent comedy about a nanny who moves into London’s most bohemian street. Based on a true story.

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Mum (BBC2, 10pm) Penultimate episode of the excellent comedy (that I don’t like) about a grieving widow rebooting her shattered life. Based on a depressing story.

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andysimon55's picture

As you may well have realised by the title, I'm NOT a Football fan.

But many of you indeed are and for this, I like many wives & girl friends and perhaps some husbands too will have to put up with not having an equal share of the TV remote control for the next four weeks.

Thankfully for me these Euro & World Cup competitions don't occur as often as the fans would probably like. But this brings no comfort to people like me who have to find alternative means of entertainment while these football crazies in our lives have the monopoly of the TV, the lounge and more likely; the fridge.

Talk about being Bored.

I mean I could go swimming, fishing or go for long walks, but considering this country's dreadful sunshine record, a record incidentally that could only be surpassed by England's dreadful past EURO performances, I might just consider staying in my bedroom with a good book and my old PlayStation Portable for company while all this EURO footy is going on.

What I don’t understand is why don't they have a Freeview Channel completely dedicated to EURO 2016 available to any who want to watch?

I mean let's face it; Freeview Channels are coming and going all the time. You only have to re-tune your TV set to see what's changed. I've lost count on the number of times I have had to re-tune my set only to see afterwards that some channels have gone only to be replaced by new ones.

And sometimes after a re-tune I have more channels afterwards than I had beforehand. It's worse than rabbits! And this got me thinking.

What if the powers that be created a Freeview Footy Channel? A channel that would be absolutely packed with all this EURO 2016 stuff. That means the mainstream channels (BBC1, ITV1, C4 etc) would carry on as normal providing old gits like me with all my TV favourites.

Granted; these Footy Loonies would still have the big screen in your lounge but at least you could retire to the spare room or the bedroom and watch Coronation Street in peace AND at its usual scheduled time.

Just a thought.

In the meantime I will have to endure what is regarded by some as one of the greatest contests of all and to others; as the biggest YAWN of the Summer.

And to those of you who like me are made to suffer the next four weeks . . .

You have my sympathies. You'll never walk alone.

Let's hope of course that England do well but we all know they won't, and they never will. Their own track record has proved that.

However I am hopeful England won't let us down. But according to the latest media reports from France, the English fans have done that already with their bad behaviour, over drinking, belching & farting, fighting and uttering gross expletives that gave organizations such as the Third Reich a bad name.

At least some things don't change eh?

As Mathew Wright said this morning on his show "The Wright Stuff,
"Be careful what you wish for."

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for reading.