Preacher hits the road in search of God...and jazz!

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Preacher hits the road in search of God...and jazz!

August 21, 2017 - 23:06
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By Anna May @AnnaMayMight

Series two of AMC's Preacher has been up and running on Amazon Prime for a few weeks now, as we move forward with Jesse Custer, the Preacher with The Power, and his ongoing search for God.

What power? Well, it’s the power to use a deep booming voice to control people and have them do whatever he wants…literally. Let’s just say…if he tells you to go fuck yourself, you’re in BIG trouble, as poor Sherriff Root found out the hard way in series one.

To recap, The Power is courtesy of a heavenly entity called Genesis and, ever since it decided Jesse was the perfect host, life has become very complicated for him. Not forgetting Cassidy, the happy-go-lucky Irish vampire…and Tulip, Jesse’s childhood sweetheart…although not very sweet if you upset her.

DeBlanc and Fiore, the two incompetent angels from series one, are no longer hot on their trail, but they’ve left behind The Saint of Killers to deal with Jesse. If you like your gun-slinging baddies to behave like unstoppable maniacs, he’s your man, because he refuses to let anything or anyone stand in his way. This guy doesn’t mess about and only has one plan of action. That being…ask where Preacher is, then kill anyone who doesn’t tell him. Even if they don’t know…bang, bang, dead! Compassion? Who needs that shit anyway, right?

Having been sent to Hell by Preacher in series one, poor Eugene Root, the Sherriff’s son, is still finding his feet in his new surroundings. As if there isn’t already enough packed into each episode, a regular sneaky peek into his predicament is made even more sinister by the appearance of Hitler. I mean, what’s HE doing down there! Trying to make friends with Eugene, that’s what…and it almost works...because, once you get to know him, he’s really not that bad. WAIT! WHAT!?

Don’t worry, though, because sweet natured Eugene soon realizes Hell doesn’t tolerate nice people. Either be a bastard, or your own particular torture will be even worse than you ever imagined. Basic rule of Hell…if everyone else is kicking someone’s brains out on the floor, join in…even if it’s Hitler. Yes, even your good ole buddy, Hitler!

Meanwhile, God is still missing, but Preacher has a lead. God loves jazz…and so begins the trio’s task of seeking answers in every single jazz club in New Orleans. Of course! Here, Cassidy suggests they stay with his old friend, Denis. However, their friendship seems a little strained and isn’t helped by Denis speaking only French and Cassidy being unable to understand a word of it. Ooh…intriguing.

So, what does Heaven do when God goes AWOL? Auditions for a new one, obviously! Simple enough, you’d think… but how, when, where? Well…this is what Jesse and co are starting to uncover.

That’s great! Except Herr Starr is now on the case too…and he really IS something else! This guy is ruthless, unemotional and his job seems to be nothing more than getting rid of any evidence that God exists. Killing anyone who’s witnessed a miracle is pretty much his ‘go to’ solution and it’s been working very well for him so far, until his band of not so merry men in white suits run into Preacher and his faithful side-kick, Cassidy. Cue bloodbath. Yay!!

Dominic Cooper, Joe Gilgun and Ruth Negga are still nailing their characters and Pip Torrens as Herr Starr is just perfect! Graham McTavish, though, is equally as convincing as the soulless and sadistically savage Saint of Killers. If there’s an opportunity to wreak havoc, cause injury or, even better, death…these two will gladly take it. No holds barred.

Series one does a good job of showing us events leading up to Jesse’s personal mission to find God and introducing us to Preacher’s three main characters. It also provides a fair whack of dark comedy and gore.

Series two, however, not only ties up a few loose ends from the first series, but also gives us a deeper look into the lives of Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. AMC’s Preacher isn’t just full of blood, bones and body parts...there’s a story that grows stronger with each episode.

Having moved away from the tragic town of Annville, where series one was set, series two now gives us a very welcome change of scenery. We’re not bogged down with the same storylines that previously dominated. Series two is definitely a new chapter in Preacher Jesse’s life and I’m just as eager to watch each further episode as I was when Preacher first appeared on Amazon Prime.

If you’ve been put off watching because you don’t think a series created around a DC comic is for you, think again. For a start, the comics were published under Vertigo, a DC company that caters more to the tastes of readers who prefer a little more mature content than the mainstream. In fact, you’re more likely to enjoy it having NOT read the comics…being spared any disappointment when events don’t exactly match those of the original story.

In my opinion, AMC's Preacher presents itself very well as a stand-alone series, boasting far more irreverence than you can even begin to imagine. Funny, dark and pretty damned deep in places. Definitely worth sticking with if, like me, you like your humour horrifically dark and grisly.