Magician Richard Jones is crowned the winner of Britain's Got Talent after leaving the audience in tears with patriotic card trick

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Magician Richard Jones is crowned the winner of Britain's Got Talent after leaving the audience in tears with patriotic card trick

May 24, 2016 - 14:06
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Britain’s Got Talent… two live semi-finals down, three to go. On the plus side, after a procession of mediocrity, the only way is up.

Britain's Got Talent winner Richard Jones with Ant and Dec

Britain’s Got Talent… two live semi-finals down, three to go. On the plus side, after a procession of mediocrity, the only way is up.

So much for the nation falling in love with wacky couple Anne and Ian Marshall. Unceremoniously voted back to obscurity by appalled viewers who thought they were almost as terrible as that barmy Belarus bozo with his accordion and gyrating monkeys.

Once again, David Walliams’s golden buzzer favourites just faded away. He overpraises the rubbish like a man possessed. Unimpressed by his clever-Dick irony, the punters kick the comedy losers straight out. It’s an annual ritual.

“You are what this competition is all about!” boomed Dave after Mr and Mrs Marshall’s systematic destruction of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Clearly, no one agrees with him.

Next time Simon Cowell insists the standard has never been higher, remember Vitaly Voronko in his yellow super-hero outfit forgetting the lyrics to The Lion King. The truth is the standard has arguably never been lower.

Cockney crooner Wayne Woodward is undeniably likeable. But the fact that his pub singer Sinatra turn sailed through to Saturday’s grand finale was a testament to how bad the rest of the acts were.

As for runner up Alex Magala, was he really the “different” finalist the show needed? Or was he no different to his six other appearances on the various Got Talents he’s entered around the world? If he wasn’t allowed to do his death defying thing live, why would he be permitted to do it at The Royal Variety?

The dance troupes are so dull it hurts. This samey sub-Diversity jigging is a community activity, not a form of entertainment. Dire trio Mythical PSM were so drop dead dreadful that Alesha revealed she almost buzzed them. Why didn’t she? It would have livened up a boring evening.

All four judges have caught a nasty dose of bland disease. Even on the rare occasions they do tell it like it is, they water down their caustic comments with the dreaded: “I really like you.”

The panellists know when they’re watching garbage… but hardly ever say so. “You really made me laugh” is code for “You were total crap.” There’s nothing more excruciating than showbiz luvvies desperately trying to be nice.

Armchair critics complain that too many singers turn BGT into The X Factor-lite. But the real problem isn’t too many singers… it’s too few decent singers.

“I don’t want this to end,” said one of The Garnett Family shortly before it ended. In the auditions wildly overrated Rachael Wooding was hailed as the second coming. In the semi-finals she came fourth. Bye then.

There’s a sense that we’re all tuning in out of habit rather than excitement. This used to be the event-TV week of the year. But these inconsequential nightly marathons are strangely flat affairs that look like they’re merely going through the motions.

No matter how much Cowell and his simpering sidekicks talk up this “tenth birthday” series, it’s not really happening. Britain hasn’t got enough talent. The foreigners aren’t much cop either…

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joford17's picture

For the first time I didn't watch it live. Watched it later so I could flick through the rubbish acts. It took me ten minutes. Time this show was rested for a couple of years.

PhilipStar's picture

If you seen tonight's programming on ITV, It makes Channel 5 or 4 look good. Home Fires was the last of the quailty programming on ITV which they decide to scrap. No wonder why the TV is in decline these days. With more going to YouTube and watching DVDS.

Britain's Got Talent is totally rubbish this year and way too many singers and dance acts. Also the tired old lines that would make BBC Two seem more interesting.

bohnanza's picture

I am wondering what is the point in him being on the show. It certainly isn't for his ability to pick talent, he seems to be blessed with an anti talent spotting gene, unlike his mum who was pretty perceptive. His camping it up faux love affair with Simon has worn terribly thin. Is he there to mask the over praise doled out by the other judges to average acts and make them seem reasonable?

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Is it just me? Or were those dancing Storm Troopers a bit rubbish? Star Bores. Why is Cowell so weirdly obsessed with them? I know he likes to think of himself as the Dark Lord, but this is ridiculous.

Then, although – big surprise - that useless Belarus bloke and the giant polar bears didn’t get through, Simon books them for his kid’s birthday party. WTF? Poor Eric.

Man, the talent’s bad this year. It’s either grizzled professionals who aren’t very interesting or laughable losers who aren’t very loveable. The concept of discovering someone brilliant and new seems to gone out of the window.

Whatever happened to BGT’s ability to deliver SuBo moments? These days it’s non-event TV that no one even talks about. It’s just there in the background like a dull itch you can’t quite be bothered to scratch.

Meanwhile, all four simpering judges have given up criticising anyone. According to them every single act is absolutely amazing. It’s hard to work out when they’re making it up… and when they actually mean it. This bland nicey-nicey approach renders them pointless.

No wonder the viewing figures are significantly down on 2015. But ITV’s lumbering juggernaut trundles on regardless. Two more live semi-finals to go. Then Saturday’s “grand” final. Which has “Who cares?” written all over it.

But if only to honour this once-excellent show’s glorious past, let’s hope the stupid Storm Troopers don’t win. Here’s the deal Simon… they’re simply not up to much. In fact, they’re seriously irritating. May the farce be with you.

Nipper01's picture

I was very pleased to hear Ant reprimand Alisha last night (Wednesday)when she felt it necessary to press the other buzzers in protest against Bespoke Candy, how arrogant! OK they were pretty rubbishy but no more rubbishy than some of the acts she felt justified in applauding. I understand that all judges are back for next year, a pity David Walliams hasn't been replaced. He's ridiculous and I agree with another reviewer his fake 'luvvie duvvie' with Simon is becoming cringeworthy. It might be a good idea to have some judges that are capable of genuine criticism. A bit more focus on the acts' ability & less on the primping & preening of Alisha & Amanda's appearance. I am just wondering which one will appear in the nude first as the dresses get skimpier each night.

coxella's picture

It's Friday which means we are free from watching this tripe - I have kids so I have to endure it. I thought last year was poor but this year has exceeded itself with very weak acts... Acts that seemed 'alright' at the audition stage have been so over-produced they are now plain garbage and the novelty has gone for many after we've seen it once. The judges think everything is 'amazing' and 'astounding', they seem unable to critique. I need to go to the supermarket and buy a bottle as I'm guessing that the finale, cushioned by a shed load of adverts, is going to take up all Saturday night.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

I agree. When the gushing judges say that absolutely everyone is amazing how are the viewers supposed to tell the difference between the genuinely decent acts and the wildly overpraised rubbish? The way Cowell and the gang always favour kids is ridiculous. They go for youth over talent every single time.The truth is this series has sorely lacked talent. Even most of the finalists are only mediocre.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

by Baser

This is a poplar show watched by millions. No one admits to watching this dross.
I have a confession to make, I need to come out, I am the viewer. I have watched all the auditions and the live (ish) semi finals.
Everything which needs to be said has been about the standard of acts, the judges and judging and the presenters. So instead I will review the acts in the final tonight:-
100 Voices of Gospel - Powerful gospel choir who only looked this good because of the standard of acts in their semi final.
Mel & Jamie - Mother and son singing act. She is good, he is OK. Is it just me or is a mother and son singing love songs and looking deeply into each other eyes, just a little creepy?
Alex Magala - Winning sword swallowing act. I say winning because he has won and competed in other versions of this franchise around the world. Act to dangerous to show live, so that's the Royal Variety Show out of the way then.
Wayne Woodward - Pleasant, nice rat pack singer. Has a good career ahead of him on cruises and in pubs.
Boogie Storm - Dancing Stormtroopers. Make up for their lack of talent by dressing up as Stormtroopers.
Richard Jones - Close up magician (hope he goes big). The back story of being a serving soldier did him no harm.
Balance Unity - Pleasant, nice OK modern dancer.
Beau Dermott - 12 year old girl singer. Sings like a professional 12 year old girl singer .
Jasmine Elcock - 14 year old girl singer. Sings like a good amateur 14 year old girl singer.
Craig Ball - impressionist performing previously unheard of impressions. Sadly he sings them. Sadly singing is not his strongest point.
Shannon and Peter - Aging ballerinas who had a good career behind them.
Trip Hazard - A dog act. This time featuring just the one dog.
So who will win, don't know, and in truth i don't care but I know I will be watching and tell others about it!

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Submitted by Llwynog45 on Sat, 28/05/2016 - 21:03

I had to write. Just watched the so called magician Richard Jones, I think he's called. He actually made me feel very ill. His 'magic' is so incredibly poor anyhow, but to glorify the military and war like he did, makes me feel like throwing up. The idea that we should all feel so incredibly proud of our military is so miss placed. This country, that has ravaged and pronounced war on so many countries, should be praised for their military prowess, I'm so sick of it. Not all of us are war mongering Tory voters. And when it comes to Europe I bet you all the rich, right wingers vote out, because they live in cloud cookland. By the way, even I could perform that trick better. Disgusting TV. My main worry as a Welsh man, is that if England vote out of Europe, what chance do we have? Labour will never get in in England again. Leaving the torries to rule us, and make laws we can never change. Please vote remain, and vote NO to more crap on Britain's Got Talent.

AdrienneB's picture

I recorded this years BGT final so I could skip through all the adverts and other dross. And I am so glad that I did. Would the distinctly average Boogie Storm have reached the final without dressing up as fictional bad guys championed by TV's Jennifer Ellison? I very much doubt it.

The girl singers were impressive and I was sad that Beau Dermott didn't get a higher placing. But we all know she will go on to bigger and better things, as will Jasmine. Craig (dropped the) Ball was fun but not good enough to triumph.

The rest of the dancers influenced my fast forwarding decisions. Wayne, a lovely guy with a nice voice, but no star quality came second. Fair enough. But is a nice guy, brave soldier yet average "magician" with a patriotic sob story really a deserving winner of 250K? Britain seems to think so. A true testimony to audience manipulation. Bore off.

Trip Hazard should have won, Britain loves clever canines. Perhaps Trip would have impressed the nation more if he had performed a couple of card tricks whilst doing his hand stands.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Agree with Adrienne all the way Couldn't have put it better myself.

PhilipStar's picture

Not the EU Referendum, Which Britain will vote out. Rather have Tories then unelected EU. As for Britains Got Talent that was awful. The Musketeers was alot better show last night.

True fact is that Britain's Got Talent acts only end up at Butlins year after year. Because no where else will accept them.

Anna May's picture

Nothing changes, does it…so when Amanda Holden was asked how the finalists’ talent compared to previous years, she answered, “Um...probably I think it's the best final we've ever had. In all honesty, I think it is.” For a start, she hadn’t even seen it yet...and it really wasn’t.

Fair play to David Walliams, though, for standing up for himself by firmly stating, “I like to champion the underdog, okay?... and I feel those people are what the show is all about and so I’m pleased with my choice and not at all upset.” Also, to all those people who slated Walliams for his overplayed attacks of campness…you made him worse…you do know that, don’t you.

Beau and Jasmine were my favourites, but I was also rooting for Balance and Craig Ball. Wayne Woodward was a hit, but I still remember Frank Sinatra, so I think I’ll just leave the youngsters to fawn over him. My absolute favourite, though, was Kathleen Jenkins and I was gutted she didn’t get a wildcard. The storm troopers just became a silly novelty act by the end of the series. This isn’t original either. I’ve seen dancing storm troopers before. Aren’t I lucky!

I have to say, I feel really let down by the final result. Yes, the public voted Richard Jones as winner, but the performances that saw him through previous rounds were far better than the one he did for the final. The fact he stole tricks from another magician is neither here nor there for me. He still proved he could do them brilliantly. That said, it also disproved their originality.

What irks me more is the performance he brought to the final. This wasn’t about him as a magician, it was about telling the story of 97 year old war veteran, Fergus Anckorn. So...after wowing the public with quality magic to get to the final he was allowed to change his act, with the only similarity to his previous performances being a card trick that was clearly not worthy of a finalist.

The Queen will love it, I’m sure, but I didn’t. Great respect to Fergus Anckorn, but Richard Jones failed to prepare what should have been the mother of all illusions to confirm his right to be in the final AS A MAGICIAN.

After the Jules and Matisse stunt dog fiasco last year, you’d have expected Simon to been totally against this blatant use of 'extras', especially as she brought every single dog she could find to perform in front of him this year. Mind you, who cares? Jules is still a great trainer and her act was STILL a ‘dog act’.

However, let’s not forget the beginning of the show when Simon told Ant and Dec, “You know what? I have a feeling. I think there's gonna be a surprise tonight. I've just got a hunch that everyone thinks they know who the favourites are. I've seen a little bit of the rehearsals. I'd be prepared for a bit of a shock.” You’re not kidding!

I’m sorry, but based purely on the quality of his card trick, Richard should not have won…and just to clarify…raising a curtain to reveal a war veteran so you can stand next to him and salute is NOT a talent. NOT A TALENT!!

Tired of rubbish tv45's picture

Yet again the same end of the pier entertainment is served up to general public that is BGT. This year's acts were the dull predictable singers and dancers like last year and year before that. So much so now we need foreign acts because Britain's it seems has run out of talent. Giants bears, Dancing Stormtroopers or rubbish according player in tights is not entertainment in my book. After ten years it seems this show has run out of steam.
Most judges Alish, Amanda and David said the same sycophantic praise too each of contestants on show, regardless of how awful the majority were. Only Simon did the job of what critic should do and that is too criticize the obviously bad act on show, which were many on there.

All in all that's entertainment as the old Jam song went but should the public be subjected to it?

Llwynog45's picture

To answer Philip Star.
This is the problem, closet torries and out voters that don't want to mix politics with entertainmen . That's your biggest chance isn't it. Hoping that people that watch stuff like BGT don't have a political opinion. Its interesting that the worst magic I've EVER seen on TV won, because of English patriotic rubbish. I'm sure the old guy featured had no say in going to war, but the magician used patriotic nonsense, to win. Disgraceful, bad taste and very predictable. He'd not have won in a month of Sundays otherwise. Let's think for a moment about the thousands of innocent civilians killed by the British military of late. No, no one wants too. Imagine 'Iraq has talent'. Bet that would be a great tear jerker of a show. Simon would be proud!

Anna May's picture

I agree, Llwynog45. The British public felt compelled to vote for Richard Jones out of some sort of patriotic duty and this manipulation of votes just highlights how TV shows can be used to brainwash an audience. We are so drawn into the hype of ‘entertainment’ shows like this, we don’t realize how easily pleased we’ve become as people and, therefore, how easily our views and opinions can be changed by them. If Simon Cowell wants us to believe certain things about certain contestants, we’ll only be shown video footage that confirms them. What we see after editing is so often out of context, but we don’t question it. TV is rhetoric in its absolute highest form. We only have to look back to the last general elections and the ridiculous gameshowesque debates we were subjected to. Shouting at the TV might make you feel better, but it won’t get answers and it doesn’t change a single thing.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Even more than The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent is the show where it's all about the back story. How good is this singer? Doesn't matter... she's only nine, vote for her. How good is this dancer? Doesn't matter... his dad died of cancer, vote for him. How good is this magician? Doesn't matter... he's a soldier and there's a 96 year-old war hero, vote for them. This is the way Cowell likes it. But I think it irritates a lot of people that the actual quality of the acts is merely a side issue. After this disappointing series pulled in the lowest ever ratings, Simon might want to change the system when BGT staggers back onto the screen next year. We live in hope.

Anna May's picture

All things considered, I think it should be Fergus performing his magic on stage at the Royal Variety Performance. He got the votes. Only fair.

Llwynog45's picture

You made the point much more elequently than my ramblings Anna, and I can't type on this bloody phone.