A Line Of Duty and Broadchurch combo

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A Line Of Duty and Broadchurch combo

April 25, 2017 - 13:25
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Ahhhh Broadchurch thou hath let us down methinks. After eight weeks of serving up suspect after suspect we are presented with a complete outsider! Meanwhile back at Murder Central...Line Of Duty...

Line Of Duty: Thandie Newton

By Angela McCluskey @angelamccluskey

Ahhhh Broadchurch thou hath let us down methinks. After eight weeks of serving up suspect after suspect we are presented with a complete outsider!

To be honest I would have backed Leo as the rapist after the first scene with him!  Everyone else was too on the nose - Leo stood out like a sore thumb. It's  bloody annoying though to stuff all that into one segment between commercials  - the re enactment and montage of the Leo and Michael's bromance - it was so
implausible. He was a scared kid who, not in a million years, would have  managed to get the required you-know-what to rape a middle aged woman.  An unbelievable and cheap ending to a brilliant season. Leo didn't have the acting chops either to vaguely convince me of the sociopathic tendencies he would have to have had to lure this kid into doing such a horrendous deed!

The whole thing just stank of oh f*** it's the last episode - would have been so much more exciting if it had been Ed, Nick or Lucas - as all the work we the viewers have been doing to figure it out would have felt  validated .. but a total stranger - arghhhh not happy.

Meanwhile back at Murder Central where the bodies and suspects are piling up Line Of Duty is not doing much better! Finally she'll at least stop scratching that effing wrist - but to cut off her hand - lol. Poor old Roz. What a part for Thandie Newton though - completely unlikeable character. It has every angle.

Poor old Kate - always looking furtive or confused behind that computer - and good old Ted referring to everyone
as fella and wee lassies. I actually have no idea who did what to whom  anymore - completely confused about Roz and hubby who episodes and the smarmy date with her boss had my toes curling. - and poor old Steve - he's
like a Chihuahua  on acid - his type would have have been great during the inquisition - thoroughly nasty little specimen who she swats like a mosquito when're he's within 5 feet - she actually whacked him last episode he looked like an abused child hiding in the shadows - and she's trying to set up just about anyone in her path - it will be the pregnant copper next I'll bet who gets the blame - nobody left!

I do like Line Of Duty where the murders take second place to the domestic squabbles of AC12 and whoever they're out to nail, let's thank his it's not American though or we'd have Jamie gunning down the office in a drunken fury over everybody picking on him. I will however be tuning in next week to see Roz (now fitted with a hook I hope) and Nick fight it out for 'Who Goes To Jail in our family for murder.

Mmmm my bet is on a late night hostage situation with Roz And Kate and the only good ending for everyone is Roz jumps off a roof! Phew no loose ends Kate and Steve celebrate with a tandoori takeaway - Ted gets early retirement and the big boss is found out to be YES you guessed it .... the H from the dying man's last breath!