Home Fires: Keep them burning

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Home Fires: Keep them burning

May 19, 2016 - 19:11
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The message to ITV is as loud and clear as an air raid siren. Keep the Home Fires burning…

Home Fires

The message to ITV is as loud and clear as an air raid siren. Keep the Home Fires burning…

In a remarkable display of loyalty, more 20,000 dismayed fans signed a petition calling on the channel’s executives to reconsider their decision to axe the World War 2 drama after two highly successful series.

It bowed out on a cliffhanger as a fighter plane fell from the sky and nosedived into the village. As things stand we’re never going to find out what happened next.

Up against BBC1’s ratings giant The Bafta Television Awards, the final Home Fires still pulled in an impressive 4.27million viewers. A sizeable audience.

This was a popular Sunday night show with a fine cast led by Samantha Bond and Francesca Annis. And a vast army of devoted followers. So why get rid of it?

Do you believe they should reignite Home Fires for a third series? If so, tell us what you loved about it and why you’re convinced ITV is making a massive mistake. Go on… get it off your chest.

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Pat_Landgirl's picture

This show is so needed. Not just by me, but by many like me. I love that the show taught women, and men, everywhere the power of community. A truth proven all the more by how we are fighting to bring this back.

Joyce Cameron's Iron Fist's picture

Count me among those who would definitely like to see more of the show. It's a show that has managed to put strong female characters front and center without diminishing the male characters. It's just a great balance on so many fronts, and a refreshing change from so many reality shows. I hope ITV reconsiders!

shinyhomefires's picture

So why do we want to save this show? It's simple it speaks to the soul.
It highlights war but does not glorify in the subject. It's sensitive and heartening, no mindless violence only topic that are relevant today 60+ years later.
Love, forbidden and the stigma of an affair or being able to be open about our sexuality. Loss and the fragility of life...
Its speaks of strength resilience and it has a brilliant cast and crew and writers.
So to cut it off at it's peak screams of short sighted and misogynistic thinking.
Is it really such a threat to have a woman centred drama?
The fans are up in arms.. petition now over 20.000..
We are fighting for equality for the cast crew and for itv to realise that six million viewers cannot all be wrong.
What will happen to the village?..we deserve to know we demand closure not more reality show crap..

So please sign the petition over on change.org homefires.

We are on Twitter @savehomefires..

Great Paxton needs you!

Loadofolbobbins's picture

The movement to save Home Fires (#savehomefires) started almost as soon as news broke that the show had been cancelled by ITV. In true campaigning WI spirit, over the last 6 days, people have come together to form a fun and positive online community that continues to grow. Contrary to what some may expect we're a very eclectic bunch, Women and Men of all ages and backgrounds feel very passionately about this show. All the way along during this rather wild and glorious ride the amazing cast and crew have stood right alongside us, we’re basically having one giant Home Fires love in, think Woodstock with more victory rolls and less nudity.

What I find particularly troubling about this whole situation is the almost blanket dismissal of such a powerful drama that places an important focus on strong female characters, I mean let’s be honest, we’re not exactly embarrassed with a surfeit of strong female-led drama to begin with. I wish this was an isolated incident, but it’s almost as if some executives across all networks are saying ‘Well that was fun what’s the next craze we can latch on to’, let me say this quite plainly women are neither a trend or a fad, we are over half the world’s population. The female contribution to society is so often hushed up, written over or undervalued.

For anyone who may say it’s just a TV show, there are far more important things to worry about, I say to you with all due respect you're missing the point. It is often through shifts in cultural attitudes that we can effect greater social change. When all people are presented with are photoshopped cookie cutter ideas of female identity, that is what people, particularly young girls, will think that they’re expected to be. An image with no basis in reality and impossible to achieve, just look at what damage such expectations have already done. We’re not supposed to be all the same that’s kinda the joy of being on this planet, difference. I mean if we all looked the same it’d be like eating chocolate cake for every meal, a great novelty for 5 seconds but we’d all end up sick pretty damn sharpish.

Gender politics aside this is just a bloody good show. Acting, writing, design, cinematography, music etc. are all first class. You don’t have to just take my word for it, the show was consistently winning it’s time slot and averaging 5.9 million viewers, an advertiser’s dream no? If the response to #savehomefires has taught me anything it’s that quality programming shines through to everyone and networks like ITV take viewers like us for granted at their peril.

shinyhomefires's picture

So why do we want to save this show? It's simple it speaks to the soul.
It highlights war but does not glorify in the subject. It's sensitive and heartening no mindless violence only topic that are relevant today 60+ years later.
Love, forbidden and the stigma of an affair or being able to be open about our sexuality. Loss and the fragility of life...
Its speaks of strength resilience and it has a brilliant cast and crew and writers.
So to cut it off at it's peak screams of short sighted and misogynistic thinking.
Is it really such a threat to have a woman centred drama?
The fans are up in arms.. petition now over 20.000..
We are fighting for equality for the cast crew and for itv to realise that six million viewers cannot all be wrong.
What will happen to the village?..we deserve to know we demand closure not more reality show crap..

So please sign the petition over on change.org homefires.

We are on Twitter @savehomefires..

Great Paxton needs you!

Kazzab123's picture

Home Fires is a wonderfully written drama with a fantastic cast. As a female viewer it makes a refreshing change to watch a drama which has such a strong female cast. I like thousands of others have grown to care about the characters and want to watch and find out how the war continues to impact on their lives. Home Fires must be saved.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

I love it when a TV show inspires such loyalty from its fans. In my view, they will be mad to ignore you all. Please keep the comments coming and ITV will be forced to listen.

Geraldine Pointing's picture

It’s been an amazing few days. This time last week I was a Twitter novice and didn’t know the difference between @ and a hash tag. Since then something very special has happened. A group of determined individuals from all over the world and from all walks of life have come together for one common purpose – to save “Home Fires” from being dropped from our screens.

This indomitable force of “Homies” have, through their creativity, wit and good humour, conducted an incredible campaign that we should all be extremely proud of - and with not one swear word or unsavoury use of language in sight, as far as I have noticed.

So why is “Home Fires” so important? Well, I can only speak from personal opinion, but to recap on thoughts I have already shared with some of you, this is why.

I have three daughters. I do not want the focus of their lives to be on the latest hair colour, whether or not plucking eyebrows is in or out of fashion, if their skin is tanned enough to sport a bikini this summer on the beach and how to become famous for no good reason.

My wish is that they will follow in the footsteps of the women who banded together during time of war, overcoming personal differences to keep the country going on all fronts while the troops were away fighting. This is not just any old drama for a Sunday night. “Home Fires” gives us an insight into why “Britain” is truly “Great”. Our women are amazing. They hold families together, work outside the home to help keep the money coming in and will bake cakes, biscuits and jam to within an inch of their life to support a good cause.

So, that is why we have been up until all hours firing off emails, sending jars of jam and tweeting like mad. My husband is now convinced I am having an online affair with a Czech officer. Even followed me to the graveyard this morning! So, for goodness sake, please continue “Tweeting for Victory” until the final hour. It may yet still be our finest!

Michaeltd's picture

ITV made an awful decision when they cancelled Home Fires, the sheer amount of viewers and the fact it won the audience share continually stands testament to Home Fires' popularity. Home Fires had a phenomenal cast; Samantha Bond and Franchesca Annis, as well as a multitude of other great actresses, and actors. As Mark Umbers said, Home Fires proved that a female-centred drama had the potential to win the audience share. Too few women, over a certain age, are present on TV with great characters, and in this Home Fires was a breath of fresh air.
The writing was extraordinary; the characters were interesting and great to watch. Home Fires is an amazing TV programme, ITV should reconsider, if they don't I'm sure another broadcaster will pick it up (as Amazon did with Ripper Street).

cindyb1333's picture

A wonderfully crafted period drama led by a stellar female ensemble cast! It is a time in British history underrepresented as it was the efforts of the women left behind that were the glue holding communities together and kept the country humming along in the face of daily danger, real threat and humbling fear. Though I have always admired their courage throughout WWII, I have rarely experienced an educationally gifted TV drama that brings the reality home (Fires). The talent is exemplary on all levels. ITV, maybe someone partied too hard the night before your announcement. Just guessing as the absurdity of this cancellation is is so glaring and shameful!

KarenS's picture

ITV made a terrible mistake cancelling Home Fires. The show has something for everyone and had not finished telling it's wonderful story. Shame on you ITV. We need strong women led drama & the whole family could watch Home Fires. I just hope they see the damage they are doing by not listening to viewers. We do not need anymore cheap & nasty reality shows. We want our classic, historical drama back and we want to hear the Home Fires story beyond VE Day

Jo8nne's picture

Well, what can I say.. I was beyond shocked when I heard this wonderful female led drama, set in World War 2 was not being recommissioned by ITV, especially as it ended on a massive cliffhanger! This just does not make sense. I love a period drama, and after knowing that Downton Abbey was coming to an end last year, along with Mr Selfridge this year I was excited that we were getting a new period drama; especially set during WW2 Britain, a period I do have a fondness for, possibly due to my grandparents taking part in the war effort and a familiarity with their stories.
It's especially nice as it focuses on the women left behind while the men went to war and how everyone comes together.
It's like a nice comfy blanket and perfect Sunday night viewing. I put it on a par with Call The Midwife and that's why I'm just so stunned at its premature end.

However, as much as I would like ITV to change their mind, I do worry they would only want to do further series to wrap things up, and as we are only in 1941 I fear this would be a disaster. The story needs to be told gradually, as I believe was first intended, over several series maybe ending on VE Day.
So, it may be good for someone else to pick it up and tell the story properly.

Jimvic's picture

Kevin, I have some experience of the care and acting talent that has gone into this show. How can ITV throw away a programme with such wonderful stories,and how crass to leave so many people hanging on, not knowing what happens to characters they have come to love?

Anthony_Spears's picture

Firstly How ITV thought they could cancel a show like this with 6 million viewers each week and on a cliffhanger like that seriously beggars belief. To not give any thought to the fans that have invested all their emotion into each character and story to have it drastically CUT short after only 12 episodes for no reason other than "we need to refresh out portfolio" is insanity!!. OUR VOICE is strong under our hashtag #SaveHomeFires with over 20 THOUSAND signatures on Change.org and many more flowing in constantly we must be heard! we NEED out show back! and if ITV wont have it. then another channel MUST. it would be crazy not to take on a Ratings WINNER of a show! its not just the fans that are suffering this. but the Actors. Writers and Crew have made their feelings known about this sudden DRASTIC move to axe this show. The show is one of the freshest war time drama's ive ever seen. it appeals to younger generations as well as the old and those who were there!. We invest everything we have into each characters story which are so brilliant written and acted by the amazing cast. Younger generations are learning so much about OUR PAST from this program. We will not give up! KEEP CALM AND SAVE HOMEFIRES

Wilesy999's picture

Home Fires, for me, is one of the most enthralling beautifully written dramas I have ever seen.
This is a drama with a strong female lead, which it should be.
The aspect of the Second World War that I knew most about was the atrocities that occurred by the Nazi's and our men going to fight.
Home Fires is the story of the women who had their own fights and battles on the home ground.

My own grandmother was a member of the WI during the war and suddenly my eyes were opened at what my grandmother must have gone through. She was a new bride and married my grandfather at the start of the war.
I suddenly became aware of what my grandmother must have gone through. Sacrificing her new married life and kept things going at home.
My grandmother also narrowly escaped being killed after the Germans bombed my home city Hull. Her best friend was killed and my grandmother survived.
My eyes were opened at what she must have gone through, this is why Home Fires portrays the female role as strong and a force to be reckoned with.

Home Fires targets so many ages. I am 33, my mum is 65 and my nieces are late teens and we all love it. What wonderful writing for this to reach all generations.

Domestic Violenve, disabilities, gay relationships and hiding who you are, cancer, infidelity, PTSD. These issues effect us now in 2016 and even though this is set in 1940 the stories are so current and this is the appeal.

ITV clearly do not know their audience. To leave the series at this stage is simply wrong. This is a series still in its prime, it has not come to a natural end and ITV are being hugely disrespectful to the public by not continuing with this simply magnificent drama with its well known stellar cast. So ITV for goodness sake listen to your public and recommission Home Fires!

Join our Twitter campaign and sign the petition @Savehomefires #savehomefires

Lynz68's picture

I love Home Fires still so many unanswered questions. Not only that but my 24yr old daughter loves it as well and trust me there is very little home grown drama she is interested in.

This is an amazing piece of drama with a strong female cast how itv can even consider dropping this classic piece of Sunday night drama is beyond me. In comparison to some of the dross itv produce they seriously need to reverse this decision.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Home Fires is an excellent "period" drama which so far has run 2 series and has been left unfinished.  The period? WWII.  And for once, an insight into how a group of women coped with the trials and tribulations, of all kinds, when they find themselves in various challenging situations after war breaks out.  Absorbing individual stories of fear, hardship, conflict, passion, and a myriad of emotions depicted beautifully by this wonderful cast who use their individual skills to draw the viewers in to each of their personal dilemmas and make us believe totally in them. 

So after Series 2 ends on a cliffhanger with all the characters´situations unresolved, we hear from ITV that they are "immensely proud of what they have achieved" (that´s 6 million viewers, except on the last night which clashed with an award ceremony on BBC, so still over 4 million viewers) but they want to "refresh their portfolio".  With a hugely successful, original drama, we all find this decision not only deeply disappointing but, quite simply, skewed.

So, a petition is set up by one very brave lady, and in a week reaches 20,000 signatures to demand they review their decision.

Today, the petition was printed off and 600 pages delivered by hand, by this great young lady who travelled from Staffordshire to London. 

The relevant PA was called by reception but refused to go down to collect it., or to greet this lady, who is disabled and in a wheelchair.  To say the least, we were not impressed, not even after ITV did a late "rectification" and damage control by apologizing that the lady was sent to the "delivery point" with the petition, and confirmed they now had it.  NO statement has been issued about it by ITV who claimed they knew nothing about the existence of the petition.

serendipkit's picture

Home Fires means so much to so many and this has become clear over the last week. There are plenty of testimonials as to why on Twitter and on the comments section of the petition at change.org. Others have said it far better than I ever could.

We care about the characters and we care about the show. The thought of leaving them in suspended animation without their stories being told upsets me. The cast and crew are brilliant and there was easily a couple more series left in the programme. It is even one of the nominations in this year’s recently announced TV Choice awards. It doesn’t make sense.

It’s like ITV have invited us to a brilliant party. We’ve had the canapes, we may have had a cheeky cocktail or two. Now we are ready to gear it up a bit and get into the swing. And then some killjoy turns on the lights, brusquely shouts “Time’s up, off you go!” and starts sweeping around your feet whilst you are still looking bewildered with a deflated party blower sticking out of your mouth and a half-eaten sausage roll in your hand. It’s rude.

Surely this can’t be allowed to happen?

Despite numerous tweets, letters, emails, jars of jam and even media exposure, ITV have still not come out with any other excuse than “We need to refresh our portfolio”.

Well, refresh this ITV: recommission the series please, or else I won’t be investing any time or emotion in any of your future offerings. And we won’t be inviting YOU to the virtual party we’ll be having when another network twigs on about the depth of feeling and signs it up.

Home Fires is too good a programme to lose and it even makes ratings sense to carry it on. Whichever network takes it up, I'll be there!

Magpie's picture

Over the past week I have heard so many people talking about why Home Fires is so brilliant, they talk about its representation of women, its wonderful storylines, the talent of the actors, what it teaches us about our history. All these things are true but I want to tell you what it did for me.

I live a few miles outside a small, backwater village in the Scottish Highlands. We moved here from England when I was nine and I despised it, I spent most of my teenage life locked in my bedroom trying to find the meaning of life in the depths of computer games and all I wanted was to get away. I was twenty when series one aired (a series I'd been constantly re-watching on catch-up) and the day after it finished I went into the village to go to the bank. The lady behind the counter greeted me by name, asked me how my mum was, whether my brother was still quitting his job and was that a new car my dad was driving? I have no idea how she knew half these things and I remember thinking: blimey, woman I don't even know your name! How do you know me?
Then outside the bank I got collared by the local vicar, who knows me because I was friends with his daughter at school, and he asked me more or less the same questions. Walking back to the car I passed maybe five or six people all of whom smiled at me and all of whom I recognised, even if I'd never spoken to them. Driving back up the main street I saw the butcher standing outside his shop like he often does (looking not unlike Bryn) and I waved at him because everyone always does, and he waved back. Then when driving up the road to our house I passed our postie who stopped and rolled down her window to chat to me for thirty seconds about nothing in particular.
I think it was about then it struck me that I live in a community not unlike Great Paxford, friendly and tight-nit, where no one is a stranger and people you've never even spoken to still know you. I suddenly realised that I was surrounded by all the things I love about Home Fires, the community spirit, the feeling of belonging somewhere together, these were things that I had never even noticed before, but Home Fires made me appreciate them.
After that I decided to actually take an interest in the community I live in and honestly, you have no idea the amount of things on my doorstep that I had been cheerfully ignoring all those years spent on computer games. I've gone to events I didn't even know they put on, visited places next door to me that I didn't know existed, done things that I would never even have thought of before watching Home Fires.
Trust me, I'm no stranger to the odd TV obsession but I can't remember any drama ever influencing or inspiring me as much as Homes Fires does. It may sound cheesy (not to mention stupid) but it literally changed my life.

I also have to talk about how ingenious the writing is (because it can't all be about me) the stories in this are told so subtly they don't need to be spelled out to you, we don't need to see people crying and screaming to be able to feel what they're going through, there are relationships and friendships that go unspoken yet shine through so brightly. Teresa and Alison for example, we don't need to see them clasping hands and saying things like: "I'm here for you!" to understand the friendship they share. The writing is cleverer than that.

Home Fires really is a work of art. It's a completely unique drama that is not only needed but desperately wanted by many. And, in case you hadn't noticed, I'd quite like it to come back.

Chance's picture

This is such a brilliant drama. It appeals to all ages, from 16 onwards. The best programme on ITV since Downtown. Utter nonsense to cancel a show with 6 million viewers. The ratings beat BBC Undercover, a 9pm Sunday evening slot. If ITV cannot see sense and do not want ratings of 6 million viewers, surely another network would?

Alan Woodhouse's picture

Home Fires has been a fantastic show which really has struck a chord with the British Public and also in America - fantastic story lines ,great characters - superb attention to detail,great actors/acting - stunning countryside in and around Bunbury - its the best thing Ive seen on TV in a long time , so it makes no sense whatsoever why ITV would not carry on with it .
I am totally convinced this show could be as popular ,worldwide,as Downton Abbey has been , so ITV please please reconsider re- commissioning this brilliant show and give us all what we really want - for this show to carry on for many more series's in the future !!

Nellie Pom Poms's picture

A truly outstanding and heartwarming series based on a brilliant book beamed onto our screens and whilst it was telly it provoked conversation and questions from our youngest. It prompted outrage about coercive control. It showed how people regardless of their upbringing could live and work together.

The decision not to do a third series is short sighted. In an age of mass consumerism, trout pouts and pseudo celebs there was Home Fires, sharing a gentle era, genuine folk, history and hope.

The cast is outstanding. Proper actors. Stunning set and props to soften even the hardest's nostalgic heart.

What other offerings have there been that are fresh, thought provoking and an escape. None. Which is why ITV need a refresh and a rethink.

Kendal Sandra's picture

I am disabled and TV is my company and entertainment as sometimes I don't get out much. Having enjoyed Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge I was delighted to find another drama to follow in Home Fires. When it comes to war it's usually all about the men and the battles but Home Fires is different it's all about the women back home on the Home Front.

My late grandparents were farmers in the war and a late aunt came to Cumbria from Manchester to be a Landgirl and never left. It's all about pulling together as a community in good times and bad and you grow to love and hate (yes you Bob) the characters and cannot wait until the next episode. At the end of series 2 we were still in 1940 and from what I understand there is material right through to VE Day, many more series to make.

ITV WHY START SOMETHING IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FINISH IT? Why do you feel us the viewers would accept an ending on a cliffhanger never knowing what happens next? We want and deserve VE Day, a conclusion to the whole story based on Jambusters! The writers want it,the crew want it and most of all the actors who bring the characters alive want to give us viewers what we want more Home Fires!!!

By the way ITV I hope you are enjoying all the pots of Jam, yes I sent one.

PhilipStar's picture

True fact is that Home Fires was a programme that actually made me watch ITV, The simple fact that ITV scrap Home Fires and keep rubbish like X Factor. Means that I think they don't give a damn about the viewers.

My view is that cheap made shows means the fact that ITV will eventually get worst viewers then Channel 5 or 4. If it wasn't for Corrie. No one would watch ITV and that audience may be not be around much longer.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

I can't believe ITV have made the decision not to make another series of Homefires. It is a fantastic series that all the family can watch together, which is very rare these days.

ITV you are following THE BBC with stupid decisions. Please reconsider and SAVE HOMEFIRES.

PhilipStar's picture

Scenarios like this are the reason why broadcasters should be more accountable to the pubilc, Seems that ITV only give a damn about what is best for there advertising rather then the viewers.

AmyFC's picture

ITV has to listen to the overwhelming response to the revelation there won't be any further episodes. Other viewers have voiced their opinions more eloquently than I could in regards to the storyline, acting and scenery. This is one of the only period dramas I have thoroughly enjoyed.
The thing that really upsets me is how it has been left mid story with so many undeveloped stories & no real clues as to any sort of ending or resolution which I feel is unfair.
Please recognise there is genuine respect and love for this programme which deserves greater appreciation than what is now being given.

AmyFC's picture

Please listen ITV to the overwhelming support this show has.
It's a travesty to end the series mid story. A really fantastic show that's ended far too early.

Jo8nne's picture

Oops! I've just noticed a typo! I meant to say we are only in 1940! Not 1941! Don't know how, or if, I can edit.

Don'tcallmemel's picture

ITV's decision to cancel Home Fires is a huge disappointment. The wonderful ensemble cast took a beautifully written script and brought Great Paxford to life.The costumes and scenery are lovely. I have never been so invested in the lives of fictional characters.
Each character demonstrates strength as well as vulnerability, and makes even the less pleasant people sympathetic. Stories told from a woman's perspective always fall back on the trite love story which makes the characters one dimensional. While relationships are part of the Home Fires story, they are not limited to the 'first flush' of romance. These women are more than wives, mistresses, and mothers. They are individuals. There are rivalries, but they work together. There are devious acts, but there is redemption. There is defeat, and there is triumph. There is arrogance, and there is humility. There is fear, and there is courage. The writers have truly captured what is it to be human. They have also shown us the cameradie among women during World War ll. It wasn't limited to men on the battlefield. Women had to step up and fill the voids men left when they went off to war, and it's lovely to see those women being given the credit they deserve.
I cannot say enough about the performances of this group of actors. Samantha Bond never disappoints. Never. I was quite surprised to see the lesser known cast members hold their own beside 50 year veteran, Francesca Annis. Hats off to them! Claire Price and Claire Rushbrook are outstanding. The odious Bob wouldn't be quite as odious without Mark Bazeley's incredible performance. Clare Calbraith brings the perfect balance of grit and grace to farmer Steph Farrow. I could go on all evening, but I won't.
I do hope ITV reconsiders this horrible decision.

MissShevlin's picture

Devotees, fans, adoring public- you could call us many things. One thing is true, we are many. Home Fires may not be lavish and luxurious but can anyone tell me when living through a ration period was?. Home Fires is a beautifully written and acted series that depicts the true backbone of the second world war. Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and great aunts, some who lived through the time as children and those who were grown and took up a far heavier mantle than we can contemplate in what was very much a man's world. When the war raged on, women kept the nation moving in the midst of the Blitz and in the more appreciated invasion of the American Forces. They brough nylons, chocolate, cigs and things ration books won't buy. Due to ITV's decision to refresh their portfolio -allegedly with a drama that the BBC have serialised 4 times, which is hardly refreshing and comes at a costly price- we may not see the women of Great Paxford deal with that. Home Fires is representative of the women who helped shape and mould us into the women we are. Their values and amendments due to the ever changing culture we live in have been the blueprint of what is right and wrong. I couldn't care less for tales of excess....I care about Home Fires and the ongoing communication of this story. The ratings can't be denied. They tell a story of their own. They carry a lesson. Appeasement was a failure for Chamberlain...what makes ITV think it will work here. They can keep giving the reality TV series lovers what they want but it's costly....They can try to dramatise Vanity Fair as well as the BBC have done on four occasions -1998's version featured Home Fire's own fabulous Frances Grey as Amelia Sedley - £10m is a big gamble. A few casting mistakes can ruin a project. With Home Fires it's a winning combination of amazing source material, wonderful writing and directing, not to mention the stellar acting by the cast. The fabulous crew who work tirelessly without there being an endless budget. Home Fires....We salute you.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

These comments are amazing. Intelligent, erudite, well written and impeccably argued. Keep 'em coming. Keep the Home Fires burning!

aprilbean's picture

I am a ww2 re enactor and lover of the 40's. Home fires was a a wonderful representation of the times. Fabulous characters and a very realistic portrayal of life during ww2. I cannot belive it has been axed and left just hanging !!! I have signed the petition and will keep fighting to have this bought back to our screens

GillT's picture

We need programmes like this to show how people pulled together during a tough time and that some things have not changed but together we can be strong. Also to see women were strong then not just tied to the kitchen sink as is the perception of the 40s and 50s

Anna May's picture

The history of both World War I and World War II makes up a significant part of the English national curriculum. This doesn’t just apply to history lessons. Any GCSE or A-level English student will tell you their coursework and final exams require them to study not only the traumatic experiences of the soldiers, but also the general everyday lives of the people left behind. We’re not just talking dates, names and places here, we’re talking gaining insight into thoughts, feelings, heartache, fear etc., which can be made accessible through dramas such as Home Fires.

Aside from the great pleasure it brings to older viewers, does it not make sense to keep a series like Home Fires running to help reinforce our children’s education? We should always be looking to provide quality recreations of our history that are fit for family viewing, not to mention enjoyable.

Not allowing the story to be extended to the end of the war insults viewers and will only go to prove that ITV is fast becoming incompetent. To allow a huge audience to become engaged in a series just to axe it at will, shows an arrogance they cannot deny. Someone, somewhere, doesn’t know how to do their job. Someone, somewhere, is still getting paid a lot of money for their ignorance.

Chance's picture

This drama is the best since Downton. Faceless people decide it is not what we want! I still cannot believe it is cancelled and we will not discover the outcome of the plane crash. Could another station pick it up and gain the 6 million viewers ITV have disregarded?

Ann Oid's picture

It's been some time since we have had a drama that was gentle, well acted and a subject of conversation throughout the week that doesn't show mindless violence or unnecessary noisy sexual scenes. 20,000 people agree so why can't ITV?
There not been one explanation from ITV.

Laneybabes's picture

This is an excellent drama which fitted snugly into the vacant 'Downton Abbey' slot. How ITV can even consider scrapping it is nothing short of a travesty. The way they treat viewers dhows how little respect they have for them . Home fires is wonderfully well written and supremely well acted by a talented and primarily female cast. The final episode left many questions unanswered and storylines unresolved. ITV did a similar thing with 'Whitechapel' a couple of years ago I seem to remember. Even if they can't recommission a full series, a couple of specials to wrap up the stories and to PLEASE give Pat the happy ending with or without Marek would be appreciated.
Thank You

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Disgusting one of best programmes Sunday night X we need to know if the writer is cruel to his wife gets his comeuppance. Also if his wife meets again with soldier she loves. Does high ranking airman discover his wife is a lesbian ?

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I was going to write a review but you have said everything I was thinking. Let's hope they take notice of the viewers and get on with writing a sequel in which our curiosity/interest is satisfied.

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So very disappointed the this wonderful piece of historical drama HOME FIRES has ended.

Please please bring it back for another series. You have left us on a cliffhanger.

There is so much rubbish on ie: Coronation Street, Britain's Got Talent etc yet when you get real acting talent on this drama you take it off. Mad. Thank God for Netflix, at least I can switch over.

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I have never responded to something like this before but am so disappointed in ITV that the short sightedness has meant a great series is left hanging....no resolve of several strong story lines and a plane crash into my local !! Crazy!!!

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My wife and I cannot believe the show has been axed. It is a wonderful Sunday night before you go back to work drama. Plenty of strong characters and families each wither problems. A great historical drama. But to leave us on a cliffhanger ending like we have is unforgivable. Come on BBC buy up the rights and show us what happen next. ITV you should be ashamed.

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Agree with all the above! Fantastic series-axe the dreary irritating Durrells not Homefires which is far superior in acting, storyline, everything-despite the Durrells being loosely based on real people?

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I have loved watching this programme I don't know why ITV are not making it anymore,, it was good Sunday night viewing,and I loved it.

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Cancelling a series is one thing - happens all the time - but to cancel Home Fires on such a cliffhanger shows contempt for the loyalty of viewers who have an emotional investment in the characters storylines.
Viewers who become attached to characters are the ones who watch the show when its broadcast, rather than do what any sensible person does any other time and record it to fast forward through the adverts. We think about the story during the week, and look forward to the next episode - it doesn't end with the credits for those viewers who fully engage with a series, as Home Fires fans obviously have.
ITV appears to be happy to give up that loyal audience of 6 million. I only hope its not to shoehorn in more reality shows and gritty crime drama of which there is MORE than enough already.
There is a place for gentle, intelligent, pretty to look at, drama; and Sunday night is the perfect time.
I can only hope that if ITV still choose to dismiss a ready audience of 6 million, another network will jump at the chance to accrue them and finish the Home Fires story.

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If you seen tonight's programming on ITV, It makes Channel 5 or 4 look good. Home Fires was the last of the quailty programming on ITV which they decide to scrap. No wonder why the TV is in decline these days. With more going to YouTube and watching DVDS.

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A well written, beautifully staged and very well acted programme which showed the many deprivations we suffered during the war. It is good on so many levels, I saw what my mum used to complain about and my 10year old granddaughter now appreciates what rationing actually meant.

Please reconsider. Not often we have such an excellent programme, but there's an awful lot of rubbish available anytime.