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Celebrity Big Brother

January 11, 2017 - 17:06
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By Philip Star @Philip_Murphy17

When Channel 5 took over Celebrity Big Brother from Channel 4, They made a rather foolish choice of having two series a year. This has caused them to run out of celebritys to take part. It is a big shame because I actually used to look forward to it when it was just on in January on Channel 4. I still have memories of the very first series of Celebrity Big Brother linked to Red Nose Day that only lasted a week.

Trouble is also that Channel 5 seem to think lack of updates and no live feed improves the brand. The live feed is what makes Big Brother different from other shows. Without it the show may as well be called Geordie Shore. It is a crying shame how Big Brother has being a reduced to a 45 min a day show. Even with 45 min of live coverage is more interesting then what goes on in the scripted highlight show.

So Channel 5 you know how to fix this mess, So why don't you update what is happening in the show every few mins. Otherwise you have a dead show that no one is interested in. It is not Big Brother unless you update people on what happening. Live Feed is more needed then you think. I say they never listened to fans and are paying a price in the ratings. My message to Channel 5 is either do this show for real with full 24 hour live feed or scrap it, No one is falling for your fakeness anymore.

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Llwynog45's picture

Your best review Philip. They've not done live feeds for many years though, they want to carefully edit it, to give us a narrative, something we never really craved for. I liked watching them make tea, and burn the toast in the mornings, those were the 'good' bits.