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February 04, 2017 - 13:36
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Piers Morgan's Life Stories has had on occasion, nuggets of pure  gold, and for me, Barry Gibb (if you'll pardon the expression) is one of those golden nuggets.

Barry Gibb and Piers Morgan

By Andy Simon @AndySimon55

The Bee Gees.

I'm certain there are not many of my generation that does not have a Bee Gees album or Bee Gees song in their music collection.

Like me; the Bee Gees have been around for decades. Well; most of the time anyway.

But to be true sadly, only Barry, the eldest of the four iconic brothers remains. So it was a pleasant surprise indeed to learn that Barry himself was appearing as a guest on the new Friday Night ITV Chat series, "Piers Morgan's Life Stories."

Now I have heard plenty of shall we say, "Diverse" opinions about this show, and come to think of it, I've heard equally plenty of diverse opinions about Piers Morgan.

But like him or hate him, and the same can be said of his show, Piers Morgan's Life Stories has had on occasion, nuggets of pure gold, and for me, Barry Gibb (if you'll pardon the expression) is one of those golden nuggets.

Like most geniuses, at least that's what Barry is to me, he looked a little sheepish and uncomfortable, sitting there in front of Piers.

Who can blame him? I would be uncomfortable too.

Not because I dislike Piers, far from it. It's because he's a journalist, and a very good one. And this undeniable fact makes Piers Morgan appear to me at least, as being the biggest busy-body, and the most formidable nosey parker on the planet.

So I can understand how Barry would be feeling.

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb; a humble man really, sat in front of Piers, reminiscing about so many iconic songs I simply cannot list here, to setting fires with his brothers, getting a probationary sentence for pinching a car, to having six girlfriends all at once, the loss of his younger brothers, to having as he put it, "A Cuddle", in Dr Who's Tardis with his wife Linda.

He even got drunk with Michael Jackson!
What a guy! And that high voice of his.

I can remember radio and TV legend Kenny Everett, doing a Bee Gee sketch on his Television Show entitled, "The Do-It-Yourself Instant Bee Gee Kit." Extremely funny (at least to me it was) and without doubt, the kindest mick-take I ever saw.

You'll probably be able to see that sketch on YouTube.
Give it a look and hopefully, you'll see what I mean.

As the interview turned to the deaths of his brothers, I saw that Barry still, even now, greatly misses them. That's the real bugger when a sibling or close relative dies, you never really get over it. You just learn to live with it, and do your best to carry on.

However; the look in Barry's eyes told me he still grieves deeply for them all, and misses them terribly. A painful and lingering sorrow; that even his tinted glasses, couldn't hide.

That's the thing with "Goodbyes', they only really hurt you when you said "Hello", a long lifetime ago.

An hour quite frankly, is barely enough time to spend with such an icon as Barry Gibb. There was indeed a part of me that wished the interview could have gone on for much longer. It probably would have done so, had the show not already been edited.

Edited; for good reason.

The media machine; with its ruthless reputation for research, a reputation I might add, that's well earned, found a piece of Barry's life that Piers (at the time of recording) wanted to discuss, concerning Barry's introduction to his then future wife, Linda, allegedly via that now well known piece of filth, Jimmy Savile.

Savile; pretty much a swear word nowadays, taking into account his horrid and sordid legacy, had allegedly brought Barry and Linda together. If this was indeed true, then it's perhaps ironically; the only decent thing Savile ever did (aside from dropping dead) making Barry one of the happiest men alive.

According to the Daily Mirror's article dated February 2nd, 2017, Barry refused to comment on this particular piece of his life,, and Piers, showing remarkable accuteness and perception of this very uncomfortable moment in the recording, wisely decided, it was better not pressing the matter, any further.

Good call Piers. You see?
He really does have a good heart.

An ITV source later confirmed to the Mirror that the scene had indeed been edited out, and that the show would instead focus entirely, and quite rightly so, on the celebration and legendary achievements of Barry’s outstanding and extraordinary life.

Barry has still got it you know; and he can still play that guitar just as well as he did thirty years ago. A point he later proved when asked by Piers, "If there was one song out of all the songs you've written, you would want to sing, which one would it be?"

For Barry, there was only one. He picked up the guitar, and as the final moments of the interview played out, Barry strummed on his guitar, "Nobody Knows What It's Like, To Love Somebody."

And as he played and sang, he looked over to his wife, sitting among the audience. It was a lovely moment,
and a nice end to a great interview.

I have to admit, I don't often watch Piers Morgan's Life Stories all that much, primarily because come 9 O'Clock in the evening, I'm pretty much knackered by then; having been up since 5am.

But I do however try to watch it on the ITV Hub when I can, particularly, when Piers is interviewing someone I find very interesting.

And Barry Gibb, is definitely one of those.

Barry Gibb; the last Bee Gee, is a legend, an icon, who's music will live on long after this wonderfully talented, and brilliant man, takes that final journey all of us must indeed, take.

And Piers? Yeah; he's made quite a reputation for himself over the years, for good reasons, and for bad ones. Just ask GMB's Susanna Reid, or Lord Sugar.

But you know what? I don't care! I still like him.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories, is still available to watch on the ITVHub. For me; this chat show is not what I would call High Priority Telly. But in Barry Gibbs case, taking into account all the time he's taken, in writing those wonderful songs he and his brothers, Robin, Maurice and Andy, have now left us, I think it's fair to say, we owe him one.

And I think one hour of your time, watching Barry Gibb's interview, would indeed be a full payback, in kind.

Thanks for reading.


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Byromv's picture

Thought it was lovely how he talked to Barry Gibb , very sad to see him talk about his brothers , but always loved their records.

Sunshine's picture

What an exceptionly well written review Kev. I agree totally with what you say.

To lose three of your younger brothers is tragedy in itself. Hence the sad song they wrote after the death of their younger brother at just 30 years of age. Culminating possibly from his life style & not feeling as much a part of his brothers' success.

The amazing talent of the Bee Gees is phenomenal except maybe their high pitch voices. Not to everyone's taste. It's different. It's served them well though.

Music listeners are more often than not unaware of song writers. Why I don't know. The Bee Gees have penned & composed many songs for other singers. Too many to mention. No wonder they lived & live in palatial mansions. They earned that privilege.

LOVE shone through Barry's life story. The love for his loyal wife. The love for his talented brothers. The love for his family. His son Ashley has inherited his dad's good looks. A more loving family would be difficult to find in the showbiz world.

Thank you for the music as ABBA sang. Did the Bee Gees write this song too I wonder?