June 2018

How clever do you need to be to watch TV these days? WestWorld is confusing

June 19, 2018 - 16:45
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By Dojj Singh @therealdojj

This question popped up in an internet discussion group (because we aren't allowed to promote just Facebook, are we? Lawyers etc) that I'm on in regards to WestWorld.

Not seen WestWorld? Where have you been? Go and watch it right now, then come back or complain about spoilers by continuing to read this page.

Chuckle Time is pure silliness at its best

June 17, 2018 - 16:07
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Chuckle Time: Paul and Barry

By Matthew Gormley @MatthewPGormley

Almost nine years after the final series of ChuckleVision, children’s comedy legends The Chuckle Brothers are back. In 2009, after a staggering 21 series and nearly 300 episodes, the hit series was quietly dropped by the BBC, despite being one of its most beloved and longest-running kids shows.

Although they’ve been touring with their own sell-out shows and appearing in Christmas pantomimes breaking box office records, there’s been a distinct lack of the Chuckles on the box ever since.

Has political correctness ruined The British Soap Awards?

June 03, 2018 - 15:52
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Meanwhile, Jack P Shepherd scooped the Best Actor gong for his character of David Platt, which he has played for 18 years

By Matthew Gormley @MatthewPGormley

It’s the biggest night in the soap calendar. Marking 20 years since the very first ceremony, The British Soap Awards 2018 were broadcast live to the nation for the first time. It was a welcome and necessary change. In recent years, the leaking of the results to the press and social media has been unavoidable, wiping the shine off the ceremony before the broadcast has made the light of day.